Employee 90 Day Review Form

A comprehensive form to evaluate an employee's performance and progress after 90 days of employment.

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About Employee 90 Day Review Form Template

The Employee 90 Day Review Form is designed to assess an employee’s performance and progress after 90 days of employment. It provides valuable insights to the HR department and the employee’s supervisor to gauge their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

This form consists of several key questions that cover different aspects of the employee’s performance. By evaluating their overall performance, punctuality, teamwork, communication skills, and ability to learn and adapt, this form helps in understanding the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Employee 90 Day Review Questions

The questions included in this form are carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the employee’s performance. The likert scale questions allow for a rating-based assessment, while the thumbs up/down questions provide a simple way to gather feedback on specific criteria.

The form also includes open-ended questions to gather suggestions for improvement and additional comments or feedback. These questions allow the supervisor to provide personalized feedback and guidance to the employee.

Overall, the Employee 90 Day Review Form is a valuable tool for HR departments and supervisors to assess an employee’s progress and ensure their success within the organization. It promotes open communication, encourages feedback, and helps in creating a supportive work environment.

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