Employee Award Nomination Form

A form to nominate outstanding employees for awards.

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About Employee Award Nomination Form Template

The Employee Award Nomination Form is designed to facilitate the process of recognizing and rewarding outstanding employees within an organization. By providing a simple and structured way for employees to nominate their colleagues, this form promotes a culture of appreciation and encourages high performance.

This form template is specifically tailored for HR professionals who are responsible for managing employee recognition programs. It allows HR teams to collect detailed information about the nominated employee’s achievements, contributions, and teamwork, which can be used to make informed decisions when selecting award recipients.

Employee Award Nomination Questions

The questions included in this form template are carefully chosen to gather comprehensive information about the nominated employee’s performance and impact. Let’s take a closer look at each question:

  1. Employee Name: This question collects the name of the employee being nominated. It is a required field to ensure that the nomination is properly attributed.

  2. Department: This question asks the nominator to specify the department in which the nominated employee works. It helps in categorizing nominations and considering the context of the employee’s achievements.

  3. Achievements and Contributions: This open-ended question allows the nominator to provide a detailed description of the employee’s accomplishments. It gives the nominator an opportunity to highlight specific projects, goals achieved, or any other significant contributions.

  4. Exceptional Teamwork: This open-ended question focuses on the employee’s ability to work collaboratively with others. It encourages the nominator to provide examples of situations where the employee demonstrated exceptional teamwork skills.

  5. Overall Performance: This question asks the nominator to rate the employee’s overall performance on a scale of 1 to 5. The rating scale enables a quick assessment of the employee’s performance while providing some level of differentiation.

  6. Additional Comments: This optional question allows the nominator to provide any additional comments or feedback about the nominated employee. It is conditional and only appears if the overall performance rating is below 4, giving the nominator an opportunity to provide constructive feedback.

By customizing this form template to suit your organization’s specific requirements, you can create a powerful tool for recognizing and rewarding your top-performing employees. Remember, employee recognition plays a crucial role in boosting morale, increasing engagement, and fostering a positive work culture.

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