Employee Corrective Action Form

A form to document and address employee performance or behavior issues.

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About Employee Corrective Action Form Template

The Employee Corrective Action Form is a valuable tool for HR professionals to document and address performance or behavior issues in the workplace. It provides a structured approach to addressing employee misconduct and helps in creating a fair and consistent process.

Benefits of Using the Employee Corrective Action Form

  • Ensures clear communication: By documenting the incident and the actions taken, both the employee and the HR department have a clear record of the issue and its resolution.
  • Facilitates fair treatment: The form helps in treating all employees consistently and avoiding any perception of favoritism or bias.
  • Supports legal compliance: Having a formal process in place helps organizations comply with employment laws and regulations.

Employee Corrective Action Form Questions

The Employee Corrective Action Form includes the following questions to gather relevant information and outline the necessary actions:

  1. Employee Name: Asks for the name of the employee involved in the incident.

  2. Employee ID: Collects the unique identification number of the employee.

  3. Date of Incident: Captures the date when the incident occurred.

  4. Description of Incident: Provides a space to describe the details of the incident, including any relevant facts or evidence.

  5. Performance or Behavior Issue: Allows the HR department to specify the performance or behavior issue that needs to be addressed.

  6. Action Taken: Asks for a description of the action taken by the HR department or supervisor.

  7. Employee Comments: Gives the employee an opportunity to provide their perspective or any additional comments.

  8. Supervisor Comments: Provides a space for the supervisor to provide their comments or observations regarding the incident.

  9. Next Steps and Improvement Plan: Outlines the steps that will be taken to address the issue and the improvement plan for the employee.

  10. Employee Signature: Requires the employee’s signature to acknowledge their understanding of the corrective action.

  11. Supervisor Signature: Requires the supervisor’s signature to confirm the actions taken and their agreement with the corrective action.

By using the Employee Corrective Action Form, organizations can ensure a fair and consistent approach to addressing performance or behavior issues, leading to a more productive and harmonious work environment.

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