Employee Disciplinary Action Form

A form for documenting disciplinary actions taken against employees.

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About Employee Disciplinary Action Form Template

The Employee Disciplinary Action Form is a valuable tool for HR professionals to document and track disciplinary actions taken against employees. This form helps maintain a record of employee misconduct, the reasons for disciplinary actions, and the actions taken by the organization.

By using this form, HR departments can ensure consistency in handling disciplinary matters, provide a fair and transparent process for employees, and protect the organization from potential legal issues.

Employee Disciplinary Action Form Questions

The questions included in this form have been carefully selected to capture essential information related to the disciplinary action. Let’s take a closer look at each question:

  1. Employee Name: This question captures the name of the employee who is subject to disciplinary action. It helps identify the individual involved and maintain accurate records.

  2. Employee ID: This question captures the unique identifier of the employee. It helps ensure the correct employee is associated with the disciplinary action.

  3. Reason for Disciplinary Action: This question requires a detailed explanation of the reason for the disciplinary action. It helps provide context and clarity regarding the infraction.

  4. Severity of the Infraction: This question uses a likert scale to assess the severity of the infraction. It allows HR professionals to categorize the seriousness of the misconduct.

  5. Description of the Infraction: This question allows for a detailed description of the specific infraction. It helps provide a clear understanding of the incident.

  6. Action Taken: This question requires a description of the action taken by the organization as a result of the disciplinary action. It helps document the consequences imposed.

  7. Employee Explanation: This question provides an opportunity for the employee to provide any explanations or additional information related to the disciplinary action.

By using the Employee Disciplinary Action Form, HR professionals can ensure a standardized and comprehensive approach to handling disciplinary actions. It serves as a valuable record-keeping tool and promotes transparency and accountability within the organization.

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