Employee Exit Clearance Form

A form template for managing the exit clearance process for employees leaving the company.

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About Employee Exit Clearance Form Template

The Employee Exit Clearance Form is a valuable tool for HR departments to manage the process of employee departures from the company. When an employee decides to leave, it is essential to ensure a smooth transition and proper handling of company assets.

Benefits of Using the Employee Exit Clearance Form

By using this form template, HR professionals can streamline the exit clearance process and maintain a record of all necessary steps. It helps to ensure that employees return company assets, settle any outstanding dues, and provide feedback on their experience with the company.

Customizing the Form

The Employee Exit Clearance Form can be easily customized to fit the specific requirements of your organization. You can add or remove questions, modify the likert scales, and include additional fields as needed.

Employee Exit Clearance Form Questions

The questions in this form have been carefully selected to cover essential aspects of the employee exit process. The form begins by collecting basic employee information, such as name, ID, and department.

Next, the form asks for the reason for leaving and provides an opportunity for the employee to rate their overall satisfaction with their experience at the company. It also includes a likert scale to assess the support provided by their supervisor or manager.

The form then asks the employee to select the company assets they have returned and provide any additional comments they may have. Finally, the form asks if the employee has received all their final dues and settlements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add more questions to the form?

Yes, you can easily add more questions to the form by duplicating an existing element or adding a new element with the desired type.

How can I customize the likert scale options?

You can modify the likert scale options by editing the 'options' array for the likert element. Make sure to adjust the scores accordingly.

Is it possible to set conditional logic in the form?

Yes, you can set conditional logic by adding the 'condition' field to an element. The condition should be based on the response to a previous question.

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