Employee Harassment Complaint Form

This employee harassment complaint form template is a form for employees who need to report incidents of harassment in the workplace. If you have experienced any form of harassment, you can use this form to provide the necessary details and submit a complaint. Customize the form to include specific questions that are relevant to your organization's policies and procedures.

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About Employee Harassment Complaint Form Template

The Employee Harassment Complaint Form template is designed to enable employees to report incidents of harassment in the workplace. Harassment can take various forms, including verbal, physical, sexual, bullying, and discrimination. This form provides a structured way for employees to document and submit their complaints, ensuring that the organization can take appropriate action.

Customizing the Form

The Employee Harassment Complaint Form template can be customized to fit your organization’s specific policies and procedures. You can add or remove questions to gather the necessary information for your investigation process. Additionally, you can modify the form to include any additional fields or instructions that are relevant to your organization.

Using the Form

To use the form, employees are required to provide their full name, employee ID, and a detailed description of the incident. They will also be asked to select the type of harassment they experienced and provide the names of the individuals involved. The form allows employees to include witness statements and any additional information they deem relevant.

Employee Harassment Complaint Form Questions

The questions included in this form are designed to gather essential information about the incident of harassment. Here’s an overview of the questions and their purpose:

  1. Full Name: Collecting the employee’s full name ensures that the complaint can be properly attributed to the individual.

  2. Employee ID: Asking for the employee’s ID helps in identifying the complainant and cross-referencing the information.

  3. Description of the Incident: This open-ended question allows employees to provide a detailed account of the harassment incident.

  4. Type of Harassment: Employees are asked to select the type of harassment they experienced from a predefined list of options.

  5. Number of Times this Incident has Occurred: This question helps in understanding the frequency of the harassment.

  6. Name(s) of the Person(s) Involved: Collecting the names of the individuals involved allows for further investigation and identification.

  7. Witness Statements: This optional field allows employees to provide witness statements if any are available.

  8. Any Additional Information: This open-ended question provides space for any additional details that the employee wants to share.

Please note that you can customize these questions to align with your organization’s specific requirements and policies.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add more questions to this form?

Yes, you can customize the form by adding or removing questions to suit your organization's needs. Make sure to include all the necessary information for a thorough investigation.

How should I use the witness statements field?

The witness statements field is optional. If there are any witnesses to the incident, they can provide their statements in this field. This can help in corroborating the complaint and conducting a more comprehensive investigation.

What happens after I submit the complaint?

Once you submit the complaint, the HR department or designated personnel will review the information provided and initiate an investigation. They will follow the organization's policies and procedures to address the complaint and take appropriate action.

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