Employee Satisfaction Survey

This survey is designed to understand the satisfaction level of employees in their workplace. It aims to uncover strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in the organisation.

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About this template

This Employee Satisfaction Survey is designed to help your organisation understand the satisfaction level of employees within the workplace. The goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and find areas that need improvement.

The survey begins with a CSAT question, which asks the employee to rate their overall satisfaction with their job. This question is essential as it gives a quick overview of the employee’s overall sentiment towards their job.

The following questions are open-ended to allow employees to express their thoughts freely. The first question asks what they like most about working in the organisation. This question helps to identify the strengths of the organisation from the employee’s perspective.

The next question asks for any improvements they would suggest for the workplace. This question is optional to answer, providing a safe space for the employees to give critical feedback if they choose to.

The survey then asks whether the employee feels valued at work, offering ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Sometimes’ as options. This question is crucial as feeling valued can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention.

If the employee does not feel valued always, a conditional question appears asking them to explain why. This question only shows up if the employee answers ‘No’ or ‘Sometimes’ to the previous question, allowing the organisation to better understand the issues faced by the employees.

The survey ends with a thank you message, acknowledging the time and effort the employee put into providing their feedback. This template provides a comprehensive and targeted approach to measuring employee satisfaction, providing valuable insights for your HR and management teams to improve the working environment and employee satisfaction.

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