Environmental Impact Survey

A survey designed to gauge participants' perception of a company's environmental impact and gather feedback on sustainable practices.

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About this template

The Environmental Impact Survey is crafted to understand how participants view a company’s commitment to sustainability and to gather suggestions for potential eco-friendly practices. With an increasing global focus on environmental issues, businesses need to ensure they’re aligning with customer values and expectations related to sustainability.

Starting with a star-rating question offers a straightforward way for respondents to provide an overall rating of your company’s sustainability efforts. This is followed by a single-select question, enabling you to gauge the most appreciated green initiative you’ve undertaken, thus revealing what resonates most with your audience.

The textarea facilitates the gathering of qualitative data, allowing respondents to share unique and creative ideas for enhanced sustainable practices. The thumbs question helps in understanding the impact of environmental commitment on purchasing decisions, which can provide vital insights for marketing and branding strategies.

The likert question towards the end adds depth by determining how frequently respondents engage in eco-friendly practices themselves. This can offer a better understanding of the audience’s genuine inclination towards environmental concerns.

The objective of this survey is not just to gather feedback, but to also demonstrate a genuine commitment towards crafting a sustainable future. Engagement with such surveys shows customers that their voice matters in shaping eco-friendly corporate strategies.

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