Expression of Interest for Job Posting

Gather information from potential candidates who are interested in a job posting.

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This Expression of Interest for Job Posting form template is designed to gather relevant information from potential candidates who are interested in a job posting. This form can be embedded on your company website or shared via email or social media, providing an easy way for interested individuals to express their interest and share their experience.

Form Questions

The form starts with a message that incentivises the user to complete the form, providing a warm welcome and explanation of the purpose of the form.

It then asks for the candidate’s Full Name and Email Address using text input fields, as these are essential pieces of information for further communication. The Phone Number is an optional field, allowing candidates to provide an additional means of contact if they wish.

The next question, a textarea input, asks candidates to briefly describe their relevant experience for the position. This question is designed to allow candidates to showcase their skills and experience, giving you an initial insight into their suitability for the role.

The form then asks a single-select question about how the candidate heard about the job posting. This question is important for understanding the effectiveness of your recruitment channels and making adjustments as needed. Options include Company Website, Job Board, Social Media, Referral, and Other.

Finally, the form ends with a thank you message to show appreciation for the candidate’s time and effort in completing the form.

Usage Tips

To get the best results from this template, ensure that it is easily accessible on your company website or other relevant channels. Monitor the performance of the form regularly and adjust the questions as needed to ensure you are capturing the most relevant information. Additionally, be sure to promptly review and follow up with potential candidates to maintain their interest and engagement.

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