Fundraising Feedback Survey

This fundraising feedback template is a survey for donors who have contributed to our fundraising campaign. We would like to gather feedback on their experience and satisfaction with the campaign. Additionally, we want to understand their motivations for donating and any suggestions they may have for improvement. With this template, you can easily customize the questions to suit your specific fundraising campaign and goals.

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About Fundraising Feedback Survey Template

The Fundraising Feedback Survey template is designed to gather valuable feedback from donors who have contributed to your fundraising campaign. By collecting feedback, you can gain insights into donor satisfaction, motivations, and suggestions for improvement, enabling you to enhance future campaigns. This template allows you to customize the survey questions according to your specific fundraising goals and requirements.

Fundraising Feedback Survey Questions

The chosen questions in this template have been carefully crafted to cover essential aspects of a fundraising campaign. Let’s explore the rationale behind these questions:

  1. Satisfaction and Likelihood to Recommend: These rating-based questions gauge donor satisfaction with the campaign and their willingness to recommend it to others.

  2. Feedback on Issues and Suggestions: The conditional textarea question allows donors who express dissatisfaction to provide specific details about their concerns or suggestions for improvement.

  3. Sharing Positive Experience: Donors who rate their satisfaction highly are given the opportunity to share their positive experience, which can be used as testimonials or for promotional purposes.

  4. Effectiveness of Materials and Communication: The thumbs question assesses the effectiveness of your fundraising materials and communication in conveying your mission and goals.

  5. Transparency of Fund Usage: The star rating question evaluates how transparent your campaign is perceived to be in terms of how the funds will be used.

  6. Motivations for Donation: The open-ended text question allows donors to share their motivations for donating, providing insights into what resonates with them.

  7. Ranking Campaign Aspects: The stack rank question helps identify the aspects of your campaign that are most important to donors, allowing you to prioritize improvements.

  8. Future Updates: The single-select question enables donors to opt-in to receive updates about future fundraising campaigns.

By customizing and utilizing this template, you can gather valuable feedback from donors and make data-driven decisions to improve your fundraising efforts.

Frequently asked questions

How can I customize the survey questions to suit my fundraising campaign?

You can easily customize the survey questions by editing the 'elements' section of the template. Each question has properties such as 'caption' and 'options' that you can modify to align with your specific campaign goals. Make sure to tailor the questions to gather the feedback you need from your donors.

Can I add additional questions to the survey?

Yes, you can add additional questions to the survey by including new elements in the 'elements' section of the template. Simply follow the existing structure and provide the necessary properties for each new question. This allows you to gather more targeted feedback or explore specific aspects of your fundraising campaign.

How can I use the feedback gathered from this survey?

The feedback gathered from this survey can provide valuable insights for improving your fundraising campaigns. Analyze the responses to identify areas of improvement, understand donor motivations, and address any issues raised. You can also use positive feedback as testimonials or for promotional purposes to attract more donors.

Is it possible to export the survey responses for further analysis?

Yes, you can export the survey responses from the TRACX platform for further analysis. The platform provides options to export the data in various formats, such as CSV or Excel, allowing you to perform in-depth analysis, generate reports, or integrate the data with other tools or systems.

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