Global Benefits Attitudes Survey

A survey geared towards understanding employees' perspectives on organisational benefits across various global locations.

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About this template

The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey is crafted to capture the sentiments of employees regarding the benefits offered by organisations across diverse global locations. In today’s competitive business landscape, ensuring that employees are satisfied with the benefits provided is paramount to attracting and retaining top talent.

The survey commences with a star-rating question, offering a straightforward means to assess overall satisfaction levels. This acts as a precursor to more detailed questions that dig deeper into specific preferences.

The multi-select question provides an understanding of which benefits are deemed most valuable by employees, granting organisations insights into where they might need to focus or reallocate their resources.

Additionally, the textarea option invites open feedback, allowing employees to suggest new benefits that might not currently be on the organisation’s radar. Such feedback is instrumental in staying ahead of industry trends and ensuring the organisation remains a preferred place of employment.

Comparing benefits against previous employers provides an external benchmark, helping HR teams gauge how competitive their packages are in the broader market.

Remember: A benefits package speaks volumes about an organisation’s ethos and its commitment to employee welfare. Hence, regular feedback ensures the organisation remains in line with employee expectations, the industry’s standards, and any global variations. Ensure your survey process maintains the privacy of your employees and encourages candid feedback for a more accurate representation.

By actively seeking feedback, companies not only gather actionable insights but also send a powerful message to their employees: their voice matters. This in turn can boost engagement, morale, and overall satisfaction in the long run.

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