HR Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gather feedback about employees' satisfaction and experiences with HR services.

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About this template

The HR Satisfaction Survey is an essential tool to gauge the satisfaction levels of employees with the HR department in your organisation. It helps in understanding how employees perceive the HR department and its services, thus providing a roadmap for improvement. This template is designed to solicit honest and useful feedback from employees across all industries.

The survey begins with a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) question, asking respondents to rate their overall satisfaction with the HR services. This is a simple and direct way to measure satisfaction levels. If the CSAT score is low (3 or below), a conditional question prompts respondents to provide additional details for their rating, offering valuable insights into specific areas of concern.

The survey proceeds to inquire about the perceived helpfulness of the HR department in resolving issues or inquiries, again using a CSAT question for consistency and simplicity. Following this, a thumbs up/down question is used to measure comfort levels when approaching the HR department, an important aspect in gauging the openness and accessibility of HR services.

Finally, an optional open-ended question invites suggestions for improvement, allowing employees to express their thoughts and ideas freely. This can lead to innovative solutions and strategies for improving HR services.

The survey concludes with a thank you message, an important step to express appreciation for the time and effort respondents have put into providing their feedback.

Remember to share the results and any changes made in response to the feedback with the team. This will increase engagement with the process and confidence in the HR department.

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