Intern Feedback Survey

This intern feedback survey template is a survey for companies who have interns working with them. It aims to gather feedback from interns about their experience and provide insights for improving the internship program. Customize this template to fit your organization's specific needs and goals.

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About Intern Feedback Survey Template

The Intern Feedback Survey template is designed to gather feedback from interns about their experience in your organization’s internship program. By collecting feedback from interns, you can gain insights into the strengths and areas for improvement of your internship program.

Maximizing the Potential of the Intern Feedback Survey

To maximize the potential of this survey template, consider the following tips:

  1. Customize the survey to fit your organization’s internship program: Tailor the questions and options to reflect the specific aspects of your internship program that you want to evaluate.

  2. Communicate the importance of feedback: Emphasize to interns that their feedback is valuable and will be used to improve the internship program for future participants.

  3. Provide anonymity and confidentiality: Assure interns that their responses will be kept confidential and that their honest feedback is encouraged.

  4. Use the feedback to improve the internship program: Analyze the feedback received and identify areas for improvement. Implement changes based on the feedback to enhance the internship experience for future interns.

Intern Feedback Survey Questions

The following questions have been included in the Intern Feedback Survey template:

  1. The internship program provided me with valuable learning opportunities.

  2. The internship program provided me with opportunities to develop new skills.

  3. The internship program provided me with opportunities to network and connect with professionals in the industry.

Feel free to customize these questions or add additional questions to gather more specific feedback from your interns.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the questions in the Intern Feedback Survey?

Yes, you can customize the questions in the Intern Feedback Survey to fit your organization's internship program. Feel free to add, remove, or modify the questions as needed.

How long does it take to complete the Intern Feedback Survey?

The time to complete the Intern Feedback Survey will vary depending on the number of questions and the time taken by respondents to provide their feedback. On average, it should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

Is the Intern Feedback Survey anonymous?

Yes, the Intern Feedback Survey can be set up to be anonymous. This allows interns to provide honest feedback without the fear of being identified.

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