Management Survey

A detailed survey tailored to assess managerial practices, identify areas of improvement, and evaluate employee perception of leadership.

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About this template

The Management Survey is strategically devised to gauge the efficiency of managerial practices across industries. Proper management can drive team morale, streamline operations, and influence company culture, making its evaluation paramount.

The survey delves into aspects like management’s accessibility, their communication efficacy, and the confidence employees repose in their leadership abilities. These are pivotal areas in gauging the health of a company’s managerial practices.

Specifically, the Likert scale questions provide an in-depth understanding of the employees’ sentiments. These questions are framed in a manner that encourages respondents to think about their day-to-day interactions with management, as well as their general feelings towards the leadership team.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Frequency: This survey is best conducted semi-annually or annually to track any changes over time.
  • Anonymity: Ensure responses are anonymous. This promotes candidness and trust.
  • Act on Feedback: Use the feedback to pinpoint areas for managerial training and development.
  • Feedback Loop: Consider sharing aggregated feedback and subsequent action plans with the team to demonstrate commitment to improvement.

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