Onboarding Survey

A targeted survey aimed at understanding new employees' experiences during their onboarding process and identifying areas for improvement.

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About this template

The Onboarding Survey is crafted to gather insights from new hires about their initial experiences within the company. Onboarding plays a pivotal role in shaping an employee’s view of an organisation, and a seamless process can significantly boost employee morale and retention.

This survey starts with a CSAT question, offering an initial glance at the employee’s overall satisfaction with the onboarding process. Sequential questions delve deeper, exploring clarity on roles and responsibilities and the provision of essential tools and equipment. The use of a Likert scale assists in gauging the effectiveness of training sessions, offering a nuanced view of the employee’s perspective.

A crucial inclusion in this template is the open-ended question inviting suggestions for improvements. This facilitates a proactive approach in refining the onboarding process, ensuring it remains dynamic and responsive to employee needs.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Distribute the survey towards the end of the onboarding process to ensure all aspects are covered in the feedback.
  • Regularly update questions to reflect changes in the onboarding program.
  • Consider hosting focus group discussions post-survey to dive deeper into specific feedback points, fostering a holistic improvement approach.

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