Price Survey

A survey dedicated to understanding consumer perspectives on product pricing, ensuring competitive market positioning.

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About this template

The Price Survey is expertly curated to ascertain customer viewpoints on product pricing. Grasping the perception of consumers regarding your pricing model is invaluable, allowing for a competitive stance in the market and appropriately gauging product value against price.

The initial segment seeks to identify whether the respondent has recently interacted with your products. This distinction helps in tailoring subsequent questions to the experience of the respondent, either as a purchaser or a non-purchaser.

A Likert scale follows for purchasers, letting them express their feelings about the product’s price relative to its perceived value. On the other hand, non-purchasers can provide insights into why they haven’t opted for your product, with pricing potentially being a decisive factor.

Subsequently, a comparative question helps gauge your pricing strategy in relation to competitors. This question provides an overview of where your pricing stands in the broader market context.

Lastly, the stack-rank question provides a hierarchy of the most significant factors influencing a purchase decision. It’s essential to understand the weightage consumers place on ‘Price’ as compared to other determinants.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Adjust the products or factors based on your industry or brand specifics.
  • Periodically revisit and redistribute the survey to capture evolving consumer perceptions.
  • Collate data across time to spot trends, ensuring your pricing remains both competitive and profitable.

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