Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey

A survey aimed at understanding employee perceptions of the evolving nature of work and how rewards can be restructured to fit emerging needs.

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About this template

The Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey is an instrument designed to capture employee sentiments about the dynamic nature of their roles and the accompanying compensation structures. As businesses evolve, so do the roles and expectations of employees. This shift often necessitates a re-evaluation of compensation and reward mechanisms to ensure they are in alignment with the changing job landscape.

Starting with a likert question about the evolution of job roles, this survey aims to understand if employees feel their responsibilities have grown or diminished. This feedback can then guide businesses in ensuring that roles are appropriately compensated and that any upskilling or training needs are addressed.

A crucial aspect of this survey is understanding how employees value various compensation components. By allowing employees to share their thoughts on what aspect of their compensation or benefits they’d like improved, businesses can gain actionable insights into areas of priority. The importance of non-monetary rewards, especially in today’s hybrid work environments, cannot be underestimated. A subsequent likert question delves into this, trying to gauge how employees weigh non-monetary rewards against traditional monetary compensations.

This survey, therefore, serves a dual purpose: It not only enlightens businesses about evolving job roles but also about changing perceptions around rewards. By periodically deploying such surveys, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they continue to be attractive employers in a rapidly changing world.

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