Return to Work Survey

A survey designed to assess employees' feelings, concerns, and suggestions as they prepare to return to the workplace post-pandemic or any extended absence.

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About this template

The Return to Work Survey is designed to gauge employees’ sentiments and apprehensions as organisations prepare for re-entry into the physical workspace. After an extended hiatus, such as one imposed by the pandemic, returning to an office environment can be met with a mix of emotions and concerns by employees.

At the survey’s forefront is a question gauging comfort levels regarding the return. This foundational query sets the tone for more in-depth questions that delve into specific apprehensions and needs.

Understanding what measures would make employees feel safer is pivotal. By offering multiple choices, ranging from sanitisation protocols to flexible work hours, this question seeks to identify the most critical interventions that can be made.

The use of a thumbs question to understand if employees feel equipped for the return offers a quick insight into their confidence levels. A follow-up, conditioned by the response, gives room for elaboration on any deficits in resources or support.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Tailor the survey to reflect any industry-specific or organisational nuances.
  • Ensure prompt action on feedback to reinforce trust and show employees that their concerns are being addressed.
  • Communication is key. Continuously update your team on measures being implemented based on their feedback.

The overarching goal of this survey is to ensure a seamless, safe, and supportive transition back to the workplace for all.

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