Screener Survey

A preliminary survey designed to filter and identify suitable participants for a specific research or study purpose.

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About this template

The Screener Survey is devised to streamline the process of identifying suitable candidates for a particular research or study. In the realm of research, having the right participants is paramount, and this survey serves as an initial filter to that end.

The questions encompass basic eligibility criteria like prior research participation, age, and medical conditions. These are key indicators that can determine the feasibility of a participant for specific studies, especially if they have medical implications.

The conditional query regarding allergies is an exemplar of fine-tuning the selection process. Instead of inundating all participants with redundant questions, it intelligently prompts only those who’ve confirmed having allergies to provide further details.

A crucial aspect of this template is the balance between gathering essential information and respecting the privacy of the respondents. The ‘thumbs’ styled question gauges comfort levels in sharing more sensitive medical details, ensuring that participants are aware and willing right from the start.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • It’s pivotal to adjust the questions to mirror the specific criteria of your study or research.
  • Remember to ensure data protection and confidentiality, particularly when dealing with sensitive information.
  • Swift follow-ups post survey can improve participation rates for the actual research or study. Regularly analyse the responses to modify and perfect the screening process, maximising its efficiency.

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