Security Survey

A survey tailored to gauge perceptions, experiences, and suggestions related to security measures and protocols.

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About this template

The Security Survey is designed to understand the perceptions, experiences, and suggestions of employees regarding the security measures in place. The goal is to ensure a safe and conducive working environment for all.

The survey begins by probing the general sense of safety felt by the respondent. This foundational question can reveal immediate areas of concern. If the respondent doesn’t ‘Always’ feel safe, they are prompted to specify their concerns, which helps in pinpointing specific issues.

The Likert scale then gauges the perceived adequacy of security training provided by the organisation. Comprehensive training can significantly impact the confidence and awareness levels of employees regarding security.

Subsequent questions dig deeper into previous reporting of security concerns and their resolutions. This allows the organisation to understand the efficacy of its response mechanism. Lastly, understanding which security measures are deemed effective provides valuable insights into resource allocation for enhancing security.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Tweak questions to reflect the specific security measures of your organisation.
  • Act promptly on feedback that indicates immediate threats or concerns.
  • Analyse the feedback periodically to ensure the dynamic security concerns are addressed over time.

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