Student Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gather insights about student satisfaction in regards to their educational experience.

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About this template

This Student Satisfaction Survey template is designed to capture insights into student satisfaction in regards to their educational experience. It is vital for educational institutions to understand the areas where they excel and where improvements are needed.

The survey starts with a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) question that allows students to rate their overall satisfaction with the institution. This question is beneficial for gathering a general sense of student sentiment and can help in benchmarking the institution’s performance.

The following two questions are open-ended and ask students to specify what they like most about the institution and the areas they believe need improvement. These textarea type questions provide qualitative insights that can guide strategic decision-making.

Finally, the survey asks if the student would recommend the institution to others, which is a key indicator of student satisfaction and loyalty. This is a single-select question, allowing for a straightforward ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. This is a simple but powerful way to gauge the overall sentiment towards the institution.

The template ends with a thank you message, acknowledging the student’s time and contribution to the improvement of the institution. This reinforces the institution’s commitment to its students and encourages future engagement.

Using this template effectively requires careful analysis of the responses, paying particular attention to the open-ended feedback. Remember, this template is a starting point and can be customised to better suit the specific needs of your institution.

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