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Create a stunning Tagged Link in Bio page to showcase your tagged products and drive traffic to your online store.

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The Tagged Link in Bio template is designed specifically for retail businesses looking to showcase their tagged products and drive traffic to their online store. With this template, you can create a stunning link in bio page that allows your customers to explore and shop your favorite products.


The avatar element allows you to personalize your link in bio page by adding a profile picture or logo. It helps to create a strong brand identity and make a memorable first impression.


Use the heading element to welcome visitors to your tagged link in bio page and grab their attention. You can customize the caption to align with your brand voice and communicate your unique selling proposition.


The text element provides an opportunity to introduce your tagged products and highlight their key features or benefits. Use compelling copy to entice visitors to click on the product links and learn more.

The gallery element allows you to showcase multiple tagged products in an attractive grid layout. You can choose to display 3, 6, or 9 images, each linked to the corresponding product page on your online store.

The link element enables you to add a call-to-action button that directs visitors to your online store. Customize the caption to encourage visitors to ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Explore More’ and provide the URL to the relevant landing page.


Leverage the power of social proof by including customer reviews. The review element allows you to feature testimonials from happy customers who have purchased and loved your tagged products. Include their name or username, a short review, and their profile picture for authenticity.


The social element lets you showcase your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. By including links to your social media accounts, you can encourage visitors to follow and engage with your brand on different platforms.

To get started with the Tagged Link in Bio template, simply copy the JSON code and integrate it into your website or link in bio tool. Customize the elements to match your brand’s visual identity and update the captions, URLs, and images to feature your tagged products.

By leveraging the Tagged Link in Bio template, you can create an engaging link in bio page that drives traffic to your online store, increases product visibility, and ultimately boosts sales. Start using this template today and watch your retail business thrive!

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