Talent Attraction and Retention Survey

A survey to understand the effectiveness of a company's talent acquisition and retention strategies.

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About this template

The Talent Attraction and Retention Survey is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s strategies in attracting and retaining talent. In today’s competitive job market, understanding what draws candidates to your company and what keeps employees engaged is crucial.

The survey begins by understanding how potential employees discover your company. This can provide insights into which recruitment channels are most effective.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) question gauges an employee’s likelihood to recommend the company as a workplace. A high score is indicative of satisfied employees, while lower scores can highlight areas of improvement.

Delving into the factors that influenced a candidate’s decision to join can shed light on the company’s selling points, helping HR to highlight these in future recruitment campaigns. Conversely, asking for feedback on the recruitment process and desired initiatives for retention can guide improvements in these areas. Feedback is an essential tool for HR teams aiming to foster a positive work environment and reduce turnover rates.

When deploying this survey, ensure you act on the feedback given. Taking tangible steps based on employee feedback not only enhances the workplace but also showcases that the company values its employees’ opinions, further aiding retention.

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