Tour Feedback Form

Collect feedback from tour participants to improve the tour experience.

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About Tour Feedback Form

The Tour Feedback Form is designed to collect valuable feedback from tour participants, allowing you to continuously improve the tour experience. By understanding the strengths and areas for improvement, you can enhance customer satisfaction and attract more visitors to your tours.

Tour Feedback Form Questions

The form starts with a rating question to gauge the overall tour experience. Participants can then provide specific feedback on what they liked most about the tour and suggest areas for improvement. The NPS-style question helps measure the likelihood of participants recommending the tour to others.

To assess if the tour met expectations, a thumbs-up or thumbs-down question is included. Participants are also asked to rate the knowledge and friendliness of the tour guide using a Likert scale.

The form concludes with a stack ranking question, allowing participants to prioritize different aspects of the tour.

Remember, you can customize the form by adding or modifying questions to align with your specific tour offerings and goals.

Note: When collecting personal data through this form, ensure compliance with privacy regulations and provide a message explaining the purpose and any necessary consent requirements.

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