Townhall Survey

This survey aims to collect feedback from employees about the effectiveness, content, and overall experience of the company's recent townhall meeting.

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About this template

The Townhall Survey is designed to gather invaluable feedback from employees about the recent company townhall. Townhall meetings are pivotal events where strategic updates, employee recognitions, and open discussions occur. Therefore, understanding your employees’ perspective can lead to enhanced engagement and improved communication.

This survey commences with a CSAT question to gauge the overall sentiment around the meeting. A positive or negative response could influence further engagement and interest in future company events.

The question on the most memorable part of the townhall can provide organisers with insights into what truly resonated with employees. Subsequent questions explore the relevance of the discussed topics. A conditional question appears if an employee chooses ‘Other’, allowing them to specify other topics they found relevant.

The Likert scale question assesses the organisational aspects of the event, capturing nuanced opinions without limiting respondents to a yes-or-no answer. The survey closes with an NPS question, which serves as an overall yardstick for the event’s success and its impact on company culture.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Customise this template to fit your organisation’s specific needs and townhall topics.
  • Send out the survey shortly after the townhall while memories are fresh.
  • Evaluate feedback in a timely manner and make adjustments to future townhalls based on the received insights.

Your employees’ feedback will be the cornerstone for continuous improvement in how you engage and communicate within your organisation.

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