Trainee Satisfaction Survey

This survey assesses the satisfaction levels of trainees in a learning program, focusing on the quality of training, support, and overall experience.

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About this template

This Trainee Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure the satisfaction levels of trainees regarding the training they received. It includes a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) question as a starting point, which allows trainees to rate their overall satisfaction with the training program on a scale represented by smiley faces. This question is easy to understand and answer, thereby increasing response rates.

If the trainee’s satisfaction level is low (2 or less), a conditional question prompts them to explain their rating. This qualitative feedback can offer invaluable insights into specific areas of discontent, which can then be addressed to improve the training program.

The survey also includes a ‘Yes/No’ question to determine whether the training met the trainee’s expectations. A follow-up conditional question is posed if the response is ‘No’, asking for suggestions to better meet their expectations in the future. This direct feedback from the trainees can guide changes and improvements in the training curriculum, methods, and resources.

All questions are tailored to be direct and uncomplicated, ensuring the survey is quick and easy for trainees to complete, thereby improving response rates and the quality of data collected. This template is versatile and can be used across industries for different types of training programs. Overall, it provides a powerful tool for organisations to enhance their training programs based on direct feedback from the trainees.

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