Training Survey

A survey designed to assess the effectiveness and reception of a training program.

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About this template

The Training Survey is a vital tool for organisations that aim to continuously improve their training methods, ensure knowledge transfer, and verify the effectiveness of the trainer and the content delivered.

Starting with a star-rating question allows for a quick overall assessment of the training’s quality. Ratings can provide an immediate sense of the training’s reception among participants.

Using a thumbs question simplifies the process of determining whether the training met participants’ objectives and expectations. This binary feedback can quickly help in identifying if the training was generally successful or if there are areas to reconsider.

By enquiring about the most useful topics via a multi-select question, organisations can understand which areas resonated the most, allowing for better tailoring of future content.

The likert scale question serves to evaluate the trainer’s effectiveness — a crucial aspect of any training session. It’s imperative to understand not just the content’s quality, but also the delivery method and the trainer’s ability to engage and inform.

Finally, open feedback with a textarea can provide valuable qualitative insights, helping the organisation understand specific pain points, areas for improvement, or new topics to introduce.

Remember, training isn’t just about disseminating information but ensuring that it’s understood, retained, and can be applied. Regular feedback using this survey can help achieve this goal.

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