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About this Video Course Template

The Video Course Page template is designed to help you promote and sell your video courses effectively. Whether you are an individual instructor or a training organization, this template will enable you to create a high-converting landing page that attracts and engages potential students.

With this template, you can showcase the benefits of your video courses, highlight the expertise of your instructors, and provide a seamless user experience for course enrollment.

Video Course Page Elements

  • Heading: Use the heading element to grab the attention of visitors and introduce your video course.

  • Text: Utilize the text element to provide a brief overview of your video courses and highlight their unique selling points.

  • Avatar: Add an avatar element with an image of the instructor to establish credibility and create a personal connection with potential students.

  • Link: Include a link element to direct visitors to browse your available video courses.

  • Gallery: Use the gallery element to showcase visually appealing images related to your courses, such as educational settings or video production scenes.

  • Text: Use text elements to emphasize the benefits of choosing your video courses, such as engaging and interactive learning experiences, accessibility, expert instructors, and comprehensive course materials.

  • Calendly: Add a calendly element to allow interested students to schedule a call or consultation with you to discuss their course needs.

  • Video: Embed a video element to provide a preview or introduction to one of your video courses.

  • Social: Include social profile links in the social element to encourage visitors to connect with you on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

By combining these elements strategically, you can create a compelling video course landing page that drives conversions and attracts a wider audience to your educational offerings.

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