Workplace Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gauge employee satisfaction, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within the workplace.

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About this template

This Workplace Satisfaction Survey template is designed to gather feedback from employees across different industries. It focuses on obtaining a general understanding of employees’ satisfaction with their workplace, including what they like and areas that need improvement.

The first question employs a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) metric to gauge the overall satisfaction of employees with their workplace. CSAT is used because it provides a quick and easy way for respondents to express their satisfaction. Responses are based on a scale of smiley faces, which are intuitive and universally understood.

The following two questions are open-ended, encouraging respondents to voice their thoughts and feelings in their own words. The question on improvements is conditionally shown only when the CSAT score is less than or equal to 3, allowing for focused input from those who may have expressed dissatisfaction.

Lastly, a single-select question asks about the frequency of stress at work. This question can provide insights into the mental well-being of employees, which is a crucial factor in overall workplace satisfaction.

Throughout the survey, the aim is to ensure employees feel their opinions are valued and that their feedback can effect change. The final message reaffirms this, expressing appreciation for their contribution.

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