Candidate Satisfaction Survey

A survey designed to measure the satisfaction levels of job candidates who have just completed the interview process.

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About this template

The Candidate Satisfaction Survey is a tool designed to gather feedback from candidates who have completed the interview process. This template is designed to help HR departments and hiring teams understand how their process is perceived by candidates. It is suitable for all industries.

The survey starts with a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) question, asking for the candidate’s overall satisfaction with the interview process. This question is essential because it provides a general overview of the candidate’s experience. It’s a mandatory question, as it sets the tone for the rest of the survey.

Based on the response to the CSAT question, a conditional question is posed. If the candidate rates their satisfaction at 2 or lower (indicating dissatisfaction), they are asked to explain why they rated their experience as they did. This question is optional and allows for open-ended feedback which can provide valuable insights for improvement.

The survey then asks about communication, which is a crucial aspect of the interview process. Good communication can significantly impact a candidate’s experience, so understanding how well your organisation is doing in this area can inform future improvements.

Lastly, the survey gives candidates an opportunity to suggest improvements for the future. This is another optional question that can provide you with actionable insights to improve your hiring process.

This survey closes with a thank you message, demonstrating respect and appreciation for the candidate’s time and effort in providing feedback.

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