Course Instructor Feedback Form

Gather feedback from course participants to evaluate the performance of the instructor and improve the learning experience.

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About this template

This Course Instructor Feedback Form is designed to gather feedback from course participants to evaluate the performance of the instructor and improve the learning experience. The feedback form consists of the following questions:

  1. Overall satisfaction with the course instructor: Participants can express their level of satisfaction with the instructor’s performance using a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scale.

  2. Specific comments and suggestions: Participants have the opportunity to provide specific comments and suggestions regarding the instructor’s teaching style, content delivery, or engagement with the participants.

  3. Recommendation: Participants can indicate whether they would recommend the course instructor to others using a thumbs-up or thumbs-down response.

  4. Rating of knowledge and expertise: Participants can rate the instructor’s knowledge and expertise in the course subject using a Likert scale.

  5. Ranking of important aspects: Participants are asked to rank the importance of different aspects of the instructor’s performance, such as clarity of explanation, engagement with participants, organization of course materials, responsiveness to questions, and pacing of the course.

  6. Additional comments (conditional): Participants who rated the instructor’s performance below a certain threshold are given an opportunity to provide additional comments.

The Course Instructor Feedback Form aims to collect comprehensive feedback that can be used to assess the instructor’s strengths and areas for improvement. By understanding participants’ perspectives, educational organizations can enhance their courses and ensure a better learning experience for future participants.

Please note that this template does not include personal or demographic questions unless they are relevant to the course or the survey’s purpose. If personal data is being collected, it is essential to include a message at the beginning of the survey explaining the purpose and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

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