Feedback Survey

A versatile survey tailored to gather valuable feedback from users about their experiences with a product, service, or event.

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About this template

The Feedback Survey is a universal template adept at obtaining feedback across various domains, be it a product, service, or an event. Drawing insights from the user’s experiences can be pivotal for enhancement and growth.

Beginning with a CSAT query allows respondents to set the tone for their feedback. Based on their overall sentiment, they’re guided through tailored questions to delve deeper into the specifics. For instance, if a user had a pleasant experience, they are prompted to highlight the highlights, whereas a not-so-pleasant experience routes them to pinpoint areas of enhancement.

The choice between product, service, or event ensures feedback is categorised appropriately, aiding in structured analysis later. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) serves as a robust indicator of a user’s inclination to advocate for the offering. Furthermore, the Likert scale allows for precise sentiment analysis on certain key aspects, such as clarity of information in this case.

Usage Recommendations:

  • While the template is generic, always consider tweaks aligning with the specific nature of your offering.
  • Distribute the survey soon after the user’s interaction to capitalise on the freshness of their experience.
  • Make a regular habit of analysing the feedback, categorising it, and acting upon it to consistently elevate your offerings.

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