Advanced Link in Bio

An advanced version of the classic 'Link in Bio' page, integrating multimedia, social proof, and various calls to action to maximise engagement and conversions.

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The Advanced Link in Bio template is designed for those who are looking for a multi-dimensional, interactive, and rich user experience. This template is perfect for marketers who wish to leverage multimedia, social proof, and diversified CTAs to capture and engage their audience more effectively.

  • Avatar: Like its simpler counterpart, the avatar sets the brand tone immediately.
  • Heading: An inviting heading that tells visitors they can discover more.
  • Video: Videos can communicate your message much faster and are often more engaging than text.
  • Text: A brief description or teaser text helps to set the context for the links and multimedia content that follow.
  • Link: Direct visitors to your most important page, like your shop.
  • Gallery: Showcase multiple products or aspects of your brand.
  • Spotify: Share a soundtrack that embodies your brand’s vibe.
  • Countdown Timer: Create urgency with a countdown to a special event or offer.
  • Calendly: Directly book consultations or appointments, great for service-based industries.
  • Social Media Icons: As always, make it easy for visitors to follow you on other platforms.

This template is your one-stop solution for a high-converting, interactive, and engaging Link in Bio page. It’s an excellent tool for any Sales & Marketing professional.

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