Open Home Feedback Form

Gather feedback from visitors who attended an open home event.

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About this template

The Open Home Feedback Form is designed to gather feedback from visitors who attended an open home event. This form aims to improve future open home events by understanding attendees’ impressions and suggestions.

Questions in the form:

  1. Likelihood to recommend: This question uses a Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale from 0 to 10 to gauge the likelihood of attendees recommending the open home events to others. The NPS score provides a measure of overall satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Favorite aspect of the event: Participants are asked to provide their thoughts on what they liked the most about the open home event. This question helps identify the positive aspects that resonate with attendees and can be emphasized in future events.

  3. Areas for improvement: This question encourages attendees to share their suggestions for enhancing future open home events. Gathering constructive feedback helps identify areas that need attention and enables event organizers to make necessary improvements.

  4. Source of information: Attendees are asked to specify how they heard about the open home event. This question provides insights into the effectiveness of different marketing channels and helps allocate resources accordingly.

  5. Updates and notifications: Participants are given the option to receive updates about future open home events. This question helps in building a mailing list for targeted event promotion and communication.

  6. Email address (conditional): If participants express interest in receiving updates, they are asked to provide their email address. This question ensures that contact information is collected only from those who want to receive notifications.

Thank you for using the Open Home Feedback Form template! By collecting feedback from attendees, you can gain valuable insights to enhance future open home events and provide a better experience for visitors.

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