Staff Satisfaction Survey

A survey template for assessing the satisfaction level among staff members and identifying areas for improvement.

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About this template

This Staff Satisfaction Survey template is designed to assess the overall satisfaction level among staff members. It is an essential tool for organisations looking to understand the employee experience and make improvements based on feedback.

The survey starts with a ‘message’ type question that sets the tone for the survey and assures participants of the confidentiality of their responses.

The first question is a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) question, asking respondents to rate their overall job satisfaction. CSAT questions are simple and effective, providing a straightforward metric for satisfaction.

The next question is a conditional ‘single-select’ type, asking if the participant would recommend the company as a good place to work. This question only appears if the respondent rates their job satisfaction as 2 or lower. This conditional logic helps gather additional insight only from those expressing low satisfaction, without overburdening satisfied employees.

Next, two ‘textarea’ type questions ask about the aspects of their job that employees like most and the areas they feel need improvement. These open-ended questions allow for detailed feedback, providing a richer understanding of the employee experience.

The survey ends with a ‘message’ type question, thanking participants for their time and valuable feedback. This expresses gratitude and reinforces the value of their contribution.

The use of bold and italics in this markdown formatted article highlights the key components of the survey, guiding users to maximise the effectiveness of this template.

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