Workplace Survey

A structured survey aimed at collecting employee feedback about their workplace experience, environment, and well-being.

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About this template

The Workplace Survey is expertly crafted to garner employee feedback concerning their workplace surroundings, the culture, and their general well-being at work. Receiving direct insights from employees is paramount for organisations aspiring to nurture a conducive and fulfilling work environment.

The survey commences with a CSAT question, which paints a general picture of employee satisfaction levels. The subsequent Likert scale query probes deeper into sentiments of belonging and inclusivity – critical pillars for employee morale and productivity.

A crucial part of the survey is the question about utilisation of mental health resources. With rising awareness about mental health, it’s essential for companies to understand the reach and effectiveness of their support systems.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides an understanding of the company’s reputation as an employer. Higher scores indicate positive word-of-mouth potential, while lower scores could highlight areas needing attention.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Customise the questions to align more closely with specific company initiatives or focus areas.
  • Circulate the survey anonymously to encourage honest and candid feedback.
  • Collate and analyse feedback systematically, ensuring that constructive changes are made to better the workplace atmosphere.

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