Tenant Satisfaction Survey

A survey designed to gauge tenant satisfaction and identify areas for improvement in property management.

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About this template

The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is a crucial tool for property managers and landlords to understand the level of satisfaction among their tenants. It’s designed to collect feedback on the tenants’ living conditions, responsiveness of the property management, and suggested improvements.

The survey begins with a CSAT question, asking the tenant about their overall satisfaction with their current living conditions. This type of question is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in capturing customer satisfaction. The CSAT score is then used to trigger conditional questions.

If the score is above 3, the survey asks what they like most about their living conditions, encouraging positive feedback. If the score is 3 or below, the survey asks for improvement suggestions, providing the opportunity to understand and address any concerns or issues.

The survey also includes a ‘single-select’ question to evaluate the responsiveness of the property management. This question is essential to understand if tenant concerns are being addressed timely and effectively.

The survey concludes with a thank you message, acknowledging the tenant’s time and effort to provide valuable feedback. The results of this survey can help in making strategic decisions, identifying areas of improvement, and ultimately enhancing tenant satisfaction.

To get the best results, ensure this survey is sent regularly and feedback actioned in a timely manner. Also, it’s essential to communicate any changes or improvements made based on feedback to the tenants, reinforcing their importance in the decision-making process.

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