HOA Survey

A survey tailored for homeowners to provide feedback and insights about the performance and efficiency of their Homeowners Association (HOA).

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About this template

The HOA Survey is formulated to glean insights from homeowners regarding the operations and initiatives of their Homeowners Association. An effective HOA is pivotal for ensuring a high quality of living within a community. To this end, feedback from the very homeowners the association serves is indispensable.

The survey commences with a CSAT question which swiftly gauges the overall sentiment towards the HOA. Quick, intuitive and easy, CSAT questions are an industry favourite for measuring satisfaction levels.

Following up, the likert scale question delves deeper into the efficacy of communication channels used by the HOA. Good communication is the bedrock of an efficient HOA, and this question seeks to measure that.

By inquiring about amenities or services, the survey aims to better understand homeowner priorities. This multi-select question can be adapted based on the amenities currently offered in your community. Responses here can aid the HOA in allocation of funds and prioritising projects.

Lastly, always offering a platform for open-ended feedback ensures that homeowners feel heard and can communicate unique concerns or suggestions. The textarea input is ideal for this purpose.

In summary, this template is a springboard for HOAs to improve operations, community engagement and overall satisfaction of homeowners. Make sure to periodically roll out these surveys and act upon the feedback received to foster a positive community atmosphere.

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