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Your Gateway to the Social Economy

Social media represents a great challenge and opportunity for today’s customer-obsessed businesses. The companies that engage in deep social listening across all networks and audiences will be best positioned to thrive in this new economy.

What if you could marry big social data with an easy-to-use tool and better business intelligence?

Enter Tracx. We’ve built our technology to mine the deepest and widest social media sources—and deliver the actionable intel you need to build relationships, expand your reach, and unearth new revenue opportunities in the social economy.


Tracx is the only deep listening platform that captures the full conversation, beyond keyword mentions, enabling you to collect 70% more social intel across owned, earned, and paid channels.

Looking to Get More Out of Your Social Media Efforts? 

  • Hear More of the conversation with social intel from 14 major social networks and 300 million+ blogs, forums, and review sites—providing a complete and accurate picture of your social brand.
  • Know More about your audience, influencers & competitors with custom dashboards and analytics, including our open API.
  • Do More with a fully integrated social media management tool chock full of advanced features & functionality + listening, engagement, publishing, analytics, and paid—all in one place.

You can finally get your hands around all aspects of your customer voice and brand reputation, building towards a more powerful social presence.

Are you ready to conquer the social jungle?