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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing investigates how consumer influence has changed in recent years due to the increased use of social media, as well as a breakdown of the five influencer attributes that matter most to today's audiences. It's time to leverage your influencers for the greater good.


Social Listening Tools: A Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer's Guide provides an overview of the challenges experienced while using a first-generation Social Media Management Platform, and how to overcome these obstacles with the right Social Media Business Platform. It's time to integrate social strategy into all aspects of your business.


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A Marketer’s Guide to 2017 Social Media Demographics

Don’t miss your chance to connect with your audience on the networks they favor. In this ebook, we’ll help you understand where your “social tribes” may be hiding by providing a detailed analysis of the eight most popular networks based on the latest social media demographics and usage statistics.


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy

Not only are Facebook and Instagram both incredibly popular and highly visual — they’re also both increasingly becoming pay-to-play networks. Many of today's modern businesses are built on Facebook's 2.8 billion users, so mastering your social advertising strategy is crucial to staying competitive.


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Social Media & #Election2016

Did social media predict the outcome of #Election2016? See how Tracx heard what no one else heard -- and how you can use deep social listening to gain a competitive edge.

Case Studies

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Case Study

Hospitality: Biltmore

Biltmore, set on an 8,000 acre property in serene Asheville, North Carolina, was built by George Washington Vanderbilt in 1895 and is now referred to as America’s largest home®. Still family-owned, its mission is preservation through self- sufficiency, innovation, and creative thinking.

Case Study

Non-Profit: World Vision

World Vision is a worldwide community development organization that provides assistance to 100 million people in 96 countries. Committed to the poor, World Vision acts as emergency assistance to those affected by disasters and conflict, as well as long-term transformational development.

Case Study

Retail: Belron

Belron is the world’s largest dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement company. A truly global company, Belron has 25,600 employees in 34 countries across five continents. Belron has always strove for responsible, profitable growth, listening to the customer’s voice every step of the way.


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How NOT to Handle a Social Media Crisis

How do you turn a viral video into a global PR disaster? Ask United. But really -- over the last few months, the airline has imparted some important lessons in social media crisis management. Here's what you need to know to save your brand from becoming the next big social media disaster.

Research Reports

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