Annual Employee Feedback Survey

A comprehensive survey to gather feedback from employees about their experiences, work environment, and suggestions for improvements over the past year.

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About this template

The Annual Employee Feedback Survey is designed to provide HR and management with a comprehensive view of employees’ experiences and perceptions over the past year. Regularly gathering feedback is vital to ensure the continuous growth and improvement of an organisation, and the annual survey is a pivotal tool for this.

The NPS question at the start gauges the overall sentiment of employees towards the company. While it offers a quick snapshot, it’s often the accompanying open-ended responses, like the ‘reason for the score’, that provide a deeper understanding.

The likert question on work-life balance is crucial. It not only identifies overall satisfaction in this area but also indicates potential stress or burnout issues that might be affecting the workforce. Monitoring this metric annually can guide interventions and adjustments in work schedules or policies.

The stack-rank question offers insights into what employees value most. Whether it’s job security, growth opportunities, or the company culture, understanding these priorities helps tailor HR policies and company initiatives. This ensures alignment with the workforce’s needs and desires.

Finally, always providing an open-ended section for feedback ensures no stone is left unturned. Employees can express concerns, suggestions, or commendations that weren’t captured in the structured questions.

Use this template as a base, and remember that the most effective feedback processes involve acting upon the feedback and communicating subsequent changes and decisions back to the employees. Always ensure the feedback collected is handled sensitively and confidentially. The goal is to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions without fear of repercussions.

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