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A captivating landing page specially designed for authors to showcase an excerpt from their latest book, inviting readers to delve deeper into the story.

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About the Author Book Excerpt Page Template

For an author, creating buzz around a new book is crucial for its success. The Author Book Excerpt Page is designed to do just that. It allows authors to share a sneak peek of their latest work, thereby engaging potential readers and encouraging them to buy the full book.

As an author, you’ve worked hard on your manuscript, and this template aims to make sure it reaches as many readers as possible. It’s not just a landing page; it’s a storytelling platform tailored to convert curious visitors into loyal readers.

Author Book Excerpt Page Elements

  1. Author Avatar: Your photograph establishes an immediate connection with the audience. Make sure to use a professional and inviting photo.

  2. Page Heading: Introduce the book title, ideally in bold and captivating fonts to catch the reader’s eye.

  3. Introductory Text: Briefly explain what the book is about and what visitors can expect from the excerpt.

  4. Read Full Excerpt Link: Provide an engaging call-to-action that leads the visitor to the full excerpt. This serves as your hook.

  5. Book Review: Showcase a glowing review from a trusted reviewer to build credibility.

  6. Text After Excerpt: Use this section to ask a captivating question or pose a dilemma that is solved or explored further in the book.

  7. Pre-Order Link: If the book is yet to be released, this link serves as the next logical step for someone intrigued by the excerpt.

  8. Virtual Meeting with Author: Offer an exclusive chance for serious fans to meet you virtually, adding an extra layer of personal engagement.

  9. Social Media Links: Add links to your social media profiles, encouraging visitors to follow you and stay updated on your works.

In summary, this Author Book Excerpt Page template is a potent tool for authors to tease a new book, engage with potential readers, and convert their interest into sales. Follow the above guidelines to maximise the page’s impact, and watch your reader base grow.

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