Brand Awareness Survey

A survey aimed at understanding how well consumers recognise and recall a brand amidst competitors in the market.

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About this template

Brand Awareness plays a crucial role in a company’s ability to grow and thrive in a competitive market. The Brand Awareness Survey is crafted to shed light on how consumers perceive and recognise your brand compared to others.

Starting with an open-ended textarea question allows respondents to freely mention brands they associate with a particular industry. This provides an unaided recall measure, showing the top-of-mind brands in the sector.

The thumbs type question specifically checks for awareness of your brand. If they recognise it, subsequent questions delve into how they came across it and their likelihood to engage with it - using a single-select for sources of discovery and NPS to gauge potential engagement levels.

The conditional questions ensure that irrelevant questions (like how they discovered the brand) are not shown to respondents unaware of your brand, making the survey experience smoother.

Incorporating feedback from such surveys can guide marketing strategies, identify strong and weak points in brand visibility, and help in effective allocation of advertising resources. It’s essential to periodically conduct such surveys to measure and improve brand strength over time.

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