Car Dealership Customer Feedback Form

Gather feedback from customers about their experience with the car dealership.

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About this template

This Car Dealership Customer Feedback Form is designed to help car dealerships gather valuable feedback from their customers. By collecting feedback, dealerships can identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience. The form consists of several targeted questions that aim to assess customer satisfaction and the likelihood of recommendations.

Form Introduction

The form starts with a warm and appreciative message, thanking the customer for choosing the dealership and emphasizing the importance of their feedback. This sets a positive tone and encourages the customer to engage with the form.

Overall Experience Rating

The first question uses a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scale from 1 to 5 to measure the customer’s satisfaction with their overall experience. This rating helps the dealership understand the customer’s initial impression.

Conditional Comment Field

If the customer rates their experience below 4, a conditional comment field appears, requesting additional comments to gain further insights into the areas that need improvement. This conditional question ensures that customers who express dissatisfaction have the opportunity to provide specific feedback.

Additional Comments

Next, a general textarea allows customers to provide any additional comments or suggestions they might have. This open-ended question enables customers to share their thoughts freely and express any concerns or ideas not covered in previous questions.

Recommendation Question

The next question uses a thumbs-up/thumbs-down response format to determine whether the customer would recommend the dealership to others. This question helps gauge customer loyalty and the likelihood of referrals.

Conditional Comment Field for Negative Recommendation

If the customer indicates that they would not recommend the dealership, a conditional comment field appears. This field allows the customer to explain their reasons for the negative recommendation, providing the dealership with insights into areas for improvement.

Closing Message

Finally, a closing message expresses gratitude to the customer for completing the feedback form. It reinforces the importance of their input and leaves a positive final impression.

By using this Car Dealership Customer Feedback Form, car dealerships can gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and foster stronger customer relationships.

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