Church Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to understand the congregational sentiment, spiritual needs, and areas of improvement for a church community.

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About this template

The Church Survey is an invaluable tool designed to glean insights from the congregation, understand spiritual needs, and identify areas that require improvement within the church community. An active dialogue with your congregation allows for a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey and a clearer vision for church leadership.

Starting with a CSAT question, we can quickly gauge the overall satisfaction level of the congregation with the services and programs offered. It’s a swift method to identify the general sentiment and is often followed by more detailed queries.

Understanding which church activities resonate most with the congregation through a multi-select question helps in prioritizing areas of investment and focus. Whether it’s the Sunday services or the community outreach programs, this feedback is crucial in shaping future church directions.

The NPS question about recommending the church to someone else sheds light on the congregation’s advocacy potential. A high score indicates strong community ties and satisfaction, while a lower score can point towards areas of concern. That’s why a conditional textarea question follows it, capturing any concerns of those who may be hesitant to invite others.

In any spiritual or religious setting, feedback must be handled with sensitivity, empathy, and a commitment to act upon it. This not only fosters trust within the congregation but also strengthens the sense of community.

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