Community Engagement Survey

A structured survey to gauge community members' involvement, participation, and sentiment towards community initiatives and activities, aiding in improving community engagement strategies.

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About Community Engagement Survey Template

The Community Engagement Survey is crafted to understand the involvement, sentiment, and feedback of members regarding various community-led initiatives. Community engagement is the lifeblood of vibrant and active communities. It is essential for community leaders and organisers to periodically gauge the pulse of their community members, understanding their preferences, concerns, and areas of interest.

This survey can be invaluable for communities to re-strategise and re-focus their efforts in areas that matter most to their members, fostering a sense of belonging and active participation.

Community Engagement Survey Questions

  1. I feel actively engaged in community activities. - Through a Likert scale, this question captures the respondent’s subjective feeling of involvement and connection to community activities.

  2. Which community events have you participated in over the past year? - This question identifies popular community events and those that may need more attention.

  3. What suggestions do you have for future community events or initiatives? - A qualitative query that sources innovative ideas and suggestions directly from community members.

  4. How frequently do you engage with our community’s online platforms or social media? - A reflection of the community’s digital engagement level.

  5. How would you rate the overall communication and responsiveness of our community leaders? - Using a CSAT metric, this assesses the efficacy of the community leadership in terms of communication.

  6. Would you recommend others to join our community? - A straightforward question that gives insights into the community’s attractiveness to potential new members.

For members who have been a part of fundraisers, a tailored question dives deep into the organisational aspects of such events, ensuring they meet the community’s expectations.

Regularly deploying and acting on the feedback from the Community Engagement Survey can be a game-changer, resulting in more vibrant, participative, and cohesive community experiences.

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