Company Culture Survey

A detailed survey designed to understand employees' perspectives about the company's work environment, values, and overall organisational culture.

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About Company Culture Survey Template

The Company Culture Survey is devised to gain insights into employees’ perceptions about the work environment, the company’s core values, and the overall culture of the organisation. By understanding the employees’ viewpoints, organisations can ensure a cohesive work environment that fosters productivity, satisfaction, and long-term commitment.

A company’s culture is foundational to its success. It influences employee morale, retention rates, and even business outcomes. Thus, regularly collecting and interpreting feedback can provide businesses with the necessary direction to nurture and preserve a healthy organisational culture.

Company Culture Survey Questions

  1. I feel aligned with the company’s core values. - This Likert scale question seeks to understand how well the employees resonate with the company’s mission and values.

  2. I feel valued in my role. - It assesses whether employees feel recognised and appreciated in their respective roles.

  3. I believe there is open and honest communication within the company. - Gauges the transparency and clarity of communication within the organisation.

  4. Do you feel there’s a balance between work and personal life? - Understands the work-life balance perspective of the employees.

  5. What aspects of the company culture do you appreciate the most? - Gathers positive feedback, highlighting the organisation’s strengths.

  6. What suggestions do you have for improving the company culture? - A platform for employees to voice potential areas of improvement.

  7. How would you describe the team dynamics in your department? - Measures the harmony and efficiency of team interactions within departments.

  8. A conditional question provides room for detailed feedback if someone finds team dynamics negative.

Consistent evaluation of company culture through such surveys ensures organisations remain adaptive and responsive to employee needs, ensuring both organisational and individual growth.

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