Compensation Survey

A structured survey aimed at understanding employee satisfaction regarding compensation and benefits, helping organizations gauge their market competitiveness.

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About this template

The Compensation Survey has been meticulously crafted to gain insights into employee satisfaction concerning their compensation and associated benefits. It’s an essential tool for organisations to remain competitive in the job market, especially when attracting and retaining top talent.

Initiating with a CSAT question offers a broad understanding of how employees feel about their overall compensation. The subsequent Likert scale provides a more nuanced perspective by evaluating if employees believe their pay mirrors their responsibilities effectively.

An essential inclusion is the query about industry standards. This question gives HR teams an indication of how employees perceive their compensation in relation to the broader market. Conditional logic is then applied to capture specifics if an employee believes their compensation falls below industry standards.

Lastly, addressing non-monetary benefits is crucial as they play a significant role in overall job satisfaction. Especially in a modern working environment where flexible working conditions have become increasingly valuable.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Ensure anonymity to get the most candid feedback.

  • Regularly benchmark your organisation’s compensation against industry standards.

  • Review the feedback in conjunction with market research to determine necessary adjustments.

  • Communicate any changes or considerations back to employees, ensuring they know their feedback is valued and acted upon.

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