Conference Facilitator Feedback Form

Gather feedback from conference attendees about the facilitator's performance.

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About Conference Facilitator Feedback Form

The Conference Facilitator Feedback Form is designed to gather valuable feedback from conference attendees about the performance of the facilitator. By collecting feedback, event organizers can assess the effectiveness of the facilitator and make improvements for future events.

Conference Facilitator Feedback Form Questions

  1. Please rate the conference facilitator’s performance. Attendees can provide a rating on a likert scale ranging from ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’. This question allows organizers to gauge the overall satisfaction with the facilitator’s performance.

  2. What did you like most about the facilitator’s performance? This open-ended question gives attendees an opportunity to highlight specific aspects of the facilitator’s performance that they found particularly impressive. It helps identify the facilitator’s strengths and provides valuable feedback for further development.

  3. What could the facilitator improve upon? Attendees can provide constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. This question helps organizers identify areas where the facilitator can enhance their skills and deliver an even better experience in future events.

  4. Would you recommend this facilitator for future events? This thumbs-up or thumbs-down question allows attendees to express their willingness to recommend the facilitator for future events. It provides a quick assessment of the facilitator’s overall suitability.

  5. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions. Attendees can share any additional feedback, suggestions, or comments they have regarding the facilitator’s performance or the event as a whole.

The Conference Facilitator Feedback Form can be customized to include additional questions based on the specific needs of the event and the feedback desired. By using this template, event organizers can gather comprehensive feedback to evaluate the facilitator’s performance and make informed decisions for future events.

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