Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey helps to measure customer satisfaction and understand areas of improvement in your product or service.

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About this template

This Customer Satisfaction Survey template is designed to help you gather feedback from your customers about their overall satisfaction with your product or service. It’s a powerful tool to identify areas of strength and improvement in your offering.

The survey begins with a CSAT question, which is an industry standard for measuring customer satisfaction. It uses a simple scale and provides instant insight into customer sentiment.

The following questions are designed to dig deeper into customer satisfaction. The question ‘What do you like most about our product/service?’ helps identify strengths from a customer’s perspective, while ‘What areas do you believe we could improve?’ helps identify areas where the customer believes there is room for improvement. This second question is conditionally displayed when the CSAT score is less than 5, under the assumption that a score lower than this indicates some level of dissatisfaction.

Finally, the survey uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to measure the likelihood of the customer recommending your product or service. This question provides an indication of customer loyalty and can be a predictor of business growth.

In summary, this template not only helps measure customer satisfaction but also provides insights that can be actioned for improving customer experience. Remember, always follow up on feedback received, whether by making necessary changes or by thanking customers for their positive reviews.

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